Skilled Craftspeople, Renovated Academic Spaces, and Interesting Hobbies

Skilled Craftspeople, Renovated Academic Spaces, and Interesting Hobbies


colleage of UVA FM skilled tradespeople at work

Pictured top left: Mason and plasterer Tim Proffitt lays bricks by the fireplace in Lawn Room 48; top right: Carpenter Andrew Shelton stands in the doorway of Lawn Room 43; Bottom: Carpenter supervisor Travis Sly reviews plans for roof replacement between Pavilion VIII and Pavlion X.


One of the things that distinguishes UVA is that the heart of the University's landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Academical Village has housed students and faculty for two centuries. The skilled craftspeople on our Facilities Management team work hard to preserve our historic buildings while allowing them to remain in active use by the University community. Read about their work in UVA Today and learn about the FM Apprenticeship Program that has helped some of our staff working in the skilled trades to get their start. 


Gilmer Hall's new south facade with a glazed curtain wall and aluminum screen for solar shading

Photo: A new south facade and main entrance has been created for Gilmer Hall, including a glazed curtain wall with an aluminum screen for solar shading


The renovation of Gilmer Hall and the Chemistry Buidling that began in 2017 is complete for the new academic year! These buildings include more than 400,000 square feet of research and teaching laboratories for the biology, psychology, and chemistry departments, as well as other general use classrooms for Arts & Sciences. This major renovation project brings these important spaces up to 21st century standards, enhances spaces for research collaboration, and provides enhanced spaces for student-faculty interaction. Infrastructural upgrades boost efficiency and will result in significant utility savings too. Thanks to everyone who played a part in this important work that will benefit generations of students and faculty. 


Gardner Tim Andus holds mushrooms in his outstretched hands

Early morning and weekend walks in the woods with my family and my dog are one of the ways I recharge. Over the last couple of years, I've taken countless photos on my phone of turtles, wildflowers, and many, many mushrooms. I try to identify them all. I was excited to see this recent UVA Today story about Tim Andrus, who is a gardner in the Pavilion Gardens and an avid mushroom hunter along with his wife, Shaz Andrus, who is a certified nurse anesthetist with UVA Health. Tim, I think we need to compare mushroom notes!