Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!


Our Grounds have come alive with an incredible and irresistible energy generated by the arrival of new students and the return of those who were with us last year. It reminds me of what a special and important time this is for students and their families. We welcome you all and look forward to helping you in your journey at UVA!

Lawn welcome
Lawn residents and their guests, including a pair of friendly pups, greet visitors on a day when hundreds of new students moved into residence halls across Grounds.
Greeters helping move-in.
Greeters from across the University helped students and families move in to residence halls on Aug. 18. Pictured from left: Catherine Lindqvist, Jon Bowen and Margot Rogers of the Office of the President; Chief Operating Officer J.J. Wagner Davis; and Vice President for Advancement Mark Luellen.


Speaking at Orientation
This year I experienced new student and parent orientation in an entirely new way. For the first time, I was among those delivering welcoming remarks during several of the sessions, and the experience was both humbling and thrilling. Seeing so many students and their family members arrive at that point where “going to UVA” becomes real is an amazing experience. And watching the UVA professionals who roll out this red carpet every year and the students who conduct orientation left me inspired and grateful.


Sign installation on McCormick Road.
Special kudos to our many Facilities Management and other employees who shifted into a higher gear over the summer to focus on many key traffic, construction and renovation projects. This year’s list was especially long, and our teams pushed through the summer’s heat and storms to get us ready for the new semester. Here, Sign Shop workers Darren Soule and Cameron Wolf re-install road signs along McCormick Road. (Photo by Jane Centofante)